What is Evisa to Kenya?

The Kenyan Evisa is an authorization document which can be applied online without going to any embassy, which gives a permit to the international passengers to enter and travel Kenya for a short period of time.

You can get your Evisa by following some very easy steps, without wasting your time. It’s not necessary to submit your document and passport to the consulate. Because the whole process can be done online.

Who requires an Evisa to Kenya?

Evisa, which is also known as an Electronic visa is issued to foreign nationals to visit Kenya for a specific period of time for their various purpose, which is so convenient and there all the information is stored electronically so they do not need to submit their any documents. Especially people use Evisa for short term business visits and to visit and to visit their friends and relatives.

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How to get an Evisa to Kenya?

You can get you Kenyan Evisa online just in easy steps.

1. Make a single account, which you can also use for your future Evisa applications
2. Fill out your form with the information required
3. Now pay online fees, use any of your credit card or debit card
4. You will receive your ETA, which means electronic travel authorization in your e-mail
5. Must print it out

Important information

All the applicants who are below 16 years do not need to submit a visa application. But at the entry point, their valid transport documents will be checked. But the applicants who are adults it is necessary for them to submit their Evisa application at the entry point

What is the validity of an Evisa to Kenya?

The validity of Kenyan Evisa is 3 months after the date it was issued. You can visit any date within 3 months. But it will be not valid after 3 months.

How long can you stay in Kenya?

The validity to stay in the country for visa holders is 90 days. And the travelers must carry a visa in print form while traveling.

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What is the entry type?

Single entry- Single entry type visas are issued to foreign nationals who require a visa to enter Kenya for business visits, tourism or medical purpose.

When you have to apply for Evisa Kenya?

You have to apply for Kenya Evisa before the 90 days of departure. But there is no need to go any embassy for making an Evisa the only thing that you need to do is check that your passport must have at least 6 months’ validity.

Do you have to print it?

Yes, you must have to print it. Because you get your Evisa in an e-mail, and you have to show it at the immigration check post, so it is necessary to keep your Evisa in print form also. So that you can show the hard copies to them.

How long does your passport have to be valid?

If you want to apply for Kenyan Evisa your passport needs to be valid for minimum of 3 months. Maximum it can be 365 days, but without having a minimum validity limit, you can’t apply for Evisa.

Can you arrange the Evisa on arrival?

Yes, a Kenyan visa can be arranged on arrival. Because most of the nationals of countries get Evisa on arrival. Once you arrive at the international airport. You can get a permit to stay for a maximum of 30 days.

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Is overstay possible?

Yes, overstay is possible in Kenya. But only with some conditions. But it will cost you 99EUR. And you have to live at the immigration headquarter in Nairobi.

The benefits of using our Evisa Kenya and our online service

As per the above information now you all know how easy and simple the process is to apply for Kenyan Evisa. Without going anywhere, without wasting time, you can apply for it from your home using your any smartphone or laptop just click on the site, fill your information, pay the online fees and after receiving e-mail from the site, you are ready to fly to Kenya at any day within the validation date.